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Updates & releases

PonoCMS 5.1.5
Feb 27th 2017


Find out immediately when anything important has happened, that you need to take a look at. The new announcement system is available now -- currently only visible in the admin, but it will soon start appearing for registered website users too.

Examples for announcements in the admin include when a client has sent a message, completed a resource, or submitted a new journal entry. The system will be expanded to include system notifications, failed customer payments, pre-scheduled jobs that have been completed, and much more.

An icon at the top right of the screen shows any new announcements. Clicking on it will open a drop-down menu with all new announcements, each one with it's own quick link to take to you the relevant part of the website.

PonoCMS 5.1.4
Feb 22nd 2017

Client HQ > Messages.

Lots of feature updates and improvements to the Messages system in the Client HQ module.

The message list can now be sorted unread messages at the top, and filtered by admin user, and by type (messages or notes).
Messages to clients that have not yet been read can be deleted.
The system can be set so that the "send email notification" box is either checked or unchecked by default, and older messages will show whether an email notification was sent to the client or not.
When you choose to send an email notification for a message that is scheduled in the future, the email will be scheduled to be sent to the client at the exact future time when the message appears.
A new "Send group message" button in the message list allows you choose one of the specific group roles, and easily send a message to all users that have been assigned that role.
From the message list, pressing the Command or Control (CTRL) key while clicking on the user icon will open the user account in a new window.
And... introducing "Message templates", where you can pre-configure canned responses to your user's messages and quickly fill out the subject and message boxes. No need to retype the same messages again and again, just store them as a message template and insert it with one click!

Client HQ > Resources.

Feature updates and improvements to the Resources system in the Client HQ module.

Files (images, documents, PDFs etc) can now be attached to both user resources, and to resource templates. They can easily be removed or replaced from resource templates, so that content can be updated over time without having to create new templates.
For resources that require completion, the admin now has the ability to manually mark them as "complete" (or "not complete").

Client HQ > Journals.

Introducing Journals, a new system within Client HQ that stores all of the feedback & updates that you get from your clients. No matter what feedback you want to get from your clients, they can now enter it on your website the way you need it!
Pre-fills help your clients quickly fill out repetitive log entries. You can customize the name for each journal, and call it whatever you want (instead of "of pre-fill").
And the powerful reports let you drill down from a daily, weekly or monthly overview all the way to individual entries — for one client, or for your whole business.

PonoCMS 5.1.3
Feb 6th 2017

Admin > Database backups.

The admin has a new System screen, which can be reached via the icon at the bottom of the admin menu. In this section you'll find a Database backup option, which you can use to manually download a copy of your PonoCMS database, which contains all of the actual data for your website.

This can be a useful tool if you do not have an automatic backup feature with your web hosting provider.

Users > Account dashboard re-design.

The user account has been fully re-designed, to provide a very clean and ultra-intuitive dashboard where your users can access everything that they need.

There's quick links to all important areas of the site, their order history, if you're running the Client HQ module then the user also has quick access to their messages and resources, and if you're running the school then there's access to their classes there too.

Even your most computer-illeterate clients should find it easy with the new everything-in-view and one-click design!

The top navigation has been re-designed too, with icons allowing one-touch access to the dashboard, school classes, and Client HQ messages.

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