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Updates & releases

PonoCMS 5.3.5
Sep 21st 2017

Events & Scheduling
Option to close event registration at specific time

Added the option to prevent your clients from registering for your events a certain number of hours(or days, weeks etc) before the event starts.
For example, you can say "Registration closes 24 hours before the event" and your clients will not be able to register after that time.

Various updates to the Messages system

Admin users can now save a message signature that is added automatically to the end of every message or group message they write. This is added in Admin > Users/UserHQ > Choose user > Message & resource settings. Highlight any text in the signature to format it (and it's recommended to leave the first line blank, that way it's easier to start writing the messages when the signature appears a line lower down).

A new "Internal notes" section in each user account allows you to enter a quick reminder that you want to see whenever you look at the user. You can enter it in the user account, you will then also see it (and can edit it) whenever you write a message or note for that user.

When composing a message you now have the ability to copy (cc) or blind copy (bcc) any email address(es) so that they get a copy of the messaage you're sending.

The email notification to users, to tell them that they have a new message, now contains a full copy of the actual message with a link to take them to the messages section on your website.

Group messages can now be written using the rich text (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor with formatting.

Message templates can now be deleted.

When choosing a message template the list is now sorted by the sort box, followed by the name (alphabetically).

PonoCMS 5.3.4
Sep 1st 2017

New design.

The re-styled blog page now shows off your blogs even more elegantly and easier to read than before!

Added the ability for the client to choose their coach / teacher / rep during online checkout.

You can now add an option for your clients to choose their coach during online checkout.
The system can be switched on or off in the system settings (Admin > Settings > System > Shop). By default it is switched on.
Once the system is on, it can then be activated per product (Admin > Products & inventory > Products > Settings). So when clients order a specific product, that you have switched it on for, they'll be prompted to choose their coach.
Individual coaches can also be hidden -- for example you may have 5 coaches, but only want your clients to be able to choose from 3 of them (Admin > Users/UserHQ > Settings).

PonoCMS 5.3.3
Aug 14th 2017

Events & Scheduling
Ability to make an admin user available for double (or multiple) other event bookings.

Example: if you have multiple group events taking place at the same time in the same room, and the coach is just walking around from event to event checking in on all the clients at once, then you might want to allow clients to book sessions in different events but with the same coach, at the same time.

To allow this, there's a new option in the Events setup: "Make admin available for other events at same time ?". If you check this box, then it will allow clients to keep booking events with the same admin, even when the admin is already booked for this event at the same time.

You define this once per Event in the event setup, but you can then override it on any specific calendar entries.

Events & Scheduling
Ability to easily remove certain days/times from an admin's availability.

Example: you've set up lots of events for one admin, now they're taking the day off and you want to quickly remove their availability from all events.

Up until now, you would have had to go into each individual event and edit their schedule. Now, you can simply go into Admin > Events & Scheduling > Admin schedule adjustments. Choose the admin, and add in the days and times that they're not available. They will instantly be removed from all events during that time.

PonoCMS 5.3.2
Aug 10th 2017

Ability to hide product prices in shop.

There's been an option for some time to hide the "Add to cart" buttons, if you want to show products in your shop but you do not want to allow your clients to order them. Now there's an added option to totally hide the prices too.

This is ideal if you want to present products in your shop, for example your business apparel or merchandise, but simply want to present them and not actually take online orders.

PonoCMS 5.3.1
Aug 7th 2017

Active Campaign API connection.

The new remote API connection system is able to connect your PonoCMS website to a multitude of online platforms. Now it is also possible to connect to Active Campaign.

An example integration that uses this would be a feedback form or other interactive page that collects data from your client and sends it directly to your Active Campaign account, where you can then run marketing campaigns on the data your website has gathered.

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