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Updates & releases

PonoCMS 5.3.3
Aug 14th 2017

Events & Scheduling
Ability to make an admin user available for double (or multiple) other event bookings.

Example: if you have multiple group events taking place at the same time in the same room, and the coach is just walking around from event to event checking in on all the clients at once, then you might want to allow clients to book sessions in different events but with the same coach, at the same time.

To allow this, there's a new option in the Events setup: "Make admin available for other events at same time ?". If you check this box, then it will allow clients to keep booking events with the same admin, even when the admin is already booked for this event at the same time.

You define this once per Event in the event setup, but you can then override it on any specific calendar entries.

Events & Scheduling
Ability to easily remove certain days/times from an admin's availability.

Example: you've set up lots of events for one admin, now they're taking the day off and you want to quickly remove their availability from all events.

Up until now, you would have had to go into each individual event and edit their schedule. Now, you can simply go into Admin > Events & Scheduling > Admin schedule adjustments. Choose the admin, and add in the days and times that they're not available. They will instantly be removed from all events during that time.

PonoCMS 5.3.2
Aug 10th 2017

Ability to hide product prices in shop.

There's been an option for some time to hide the "Add to cart" buttons, if you want to show products in your shop but you do not want to allow your clients to order them. Now there's an added option to totally hide the prices too.

This is ideal if you want to present products in your shop, for example your business apparel or merchandise, but simply want to present them and not actually take online orders.

PonoCMS 5.3.1
Aug 7th 2017

Active Campaign API connection.

The new remote API connection system is able to connect your PonoCMS website to a multitude of online platforms. Now it is also possible to connect to Active Campaign.

An example integration that uses this would be a feedback form or other interactive page that collects data from your client and sends it directly to your Active Campaign account, where you can then run marketing campaigns on the data your website has gathered.

PonoCMS 5.3
Aug 1st 2017


The announcement system has been totally overhauled, and is now the central place to keep you up to date on everything that is happening on your website.

You can turn notifications on or off for pretty much anything that happens on your site -- when a new form is submitted (contact or custom form), a new customer order is received, marketing campaign emails or UserHQ messages are sent, new feedback/testimonial is received, new UserHQ activity (resource completed or new journal/log entry), new events & scheduling registration, or when a user registers to your site.

You can also receive an auto email whenever there's a new announcement, or you can receive summary emails at whatever times you wish during the day.

And there's a new screen that shows you the full history of all previous announcements and notifications, with full search and filter functionality, as well as a quick link to mark all unread announcements as read.

System settings.

A new admin section lets you adjust all sorts of system settings and configure your site exactly the way you want it.
Up until now this was something that a web developer would have to set up for you -- now you have total control over the way your site is configured, and you can tweak and adjust settings yourself!

PonoCMS 5.2.1
Jul 4th 2017

Facebook videos.

It is now possible to embed Facebook videos as assets in PonoCMS. Once added as an asset, the Facebook videos can then be used on pages of your website, in blogs, in reviews/testimonials etc.

Running totals on forms.

Custom form fields can now have running totals. This can be useful if you want to have a questionnaire with questions that your client needs to rank or score, for example from 1 to 5 -- the running total feature will add up the total of all questions.

Sending as email or UserHQ message.

If you're running UserHQ, you now have an option to send out your marketing campaigns to your clients either via email, or as a message in the UserHQ Messaging system.

Products with extended class access.

You can now extend access to school classes by product.
For example, you have 2 products in your shop, both linking to a 6 month school class. For one of them, you'd like to give the client an additional 6 months access to their online learning system, even after the classes have finished. Simply add in this extension to the product, and every client that orders this product automatically gets the extended access.

Gift wrapping.

The online shop now contains an elegant gift wrapping feature.

An optional amount can be added to the order, and there's a customizable title, description and image that can be shown on the checkout page.
It is also possible to deactivate the gift wrapping option if an order contains specific products (for example if you have products that are too large to wrap), and the option will be auto-deactivated when a client orders only virtual products.

Extended options for sales tax.

Sales tax is defined per region (country, state, province etc). There are now added options to turn the sales that is charged on order extras -- like shipping costs, payment processing costs, or gift wrapping -- on and off for each region.
This gives you 100% control over what, where and when tax is charged.

User account preview.

You'll find a new button in your admin user screen that allows you to open up their account dashboard on your website in "preview" mode. You can see exatcly the way it looks for your clients.
This can be especially useful for demo and teaching purposes, when you want to show your clients on your computer -- either face to face or via a video screen recording -- how to do certain things on your site.

URL forwarders.

PonoCMS admin now allows you to configure unlimited URL forwarders.

For example, maybe you've created a new services page, highlighting all of your programs and services. It's located now at You could then set up a forwarder so tat anyone visiting your old URL automatically redirects to your new main services page.
This can be useful in (1) automatically redirecting visitors from older, out-of-date pages to your newer ones, and (2) creating multiple "friendly" URLs, that are short and easy to remember.

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