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Connect multiple websites and work together.

SiteConnect allows you to connect 2 or more websites, and share resources and functionality between each site.
Everything happens in the background — instantaenous, and invisible to your clients.

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Once you've connected websites via SiteConnect, there are many possibilities.

For example, multiple sites can share products and inventory, but all products (and if you want, all orders, even all payments too) are managed on one central site.

Maybe you're offering online learning programs with the PonoCMS School module — you can then let your clients sign up for your programs on your partner websites, but they'll get automatically registered and set up on your site.

Or maybe you want to centralize the payment processing, with multiple sites selling products and services for whatever prices they want, but one central site handling the payments.

SiteConnect is perfect if you're running a franchise or license owner model, if you have groups of businesses or friends who want to share parts of their website with each other, or if you have multiple websites of your own and you want them to all access one central database. Each individual website has 100% control over what data they want to share, and sites can be connected or disconnected with a click of the mouse.

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